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 The completely new design, greatly improve the stable, make the car turned very smoothly. It’s with adjustable spare parts, consumer could adjust according to different courses. ACCEL is with below features:
Steering with better angles: When turning, the tires could be very close to the floor (27 DEG), improve the turning stable and efficiency.
Three Waterproof system: With waterproof system design for Receiver box, switch set, and also battery box, but not use any rubber parts to proof. Also, the Receiver box doesn’t touch the chassis, to avoid the heat to interfere receiver’s working.
Independent Switch: Independent design.Not combine with receiver box as normal design. With Waterproof and Dustproof function, more durable. Move battery box to front of kit: Different from normal setting. And the battery box size could fit AA battery, Li-lion Battery below 3100mah, Ni-MH Battery 1600mah.
Shock bladder: With brace design, to keep bladder solid, with much better reacting force.
Adjustable Wing holder: In the normal setting, the height of wing is just a little higher than kit body (covered). It could adjust the height, higher or lower. With lower wing height, when driving upon jumping, it oculd make the kit stable, arrive to floor smoothly, won’t be reversed. Also, with special design on the wing holder, to make the wing as flat as possible, increase the durability.
Front Spindle/Rear Upright with 3 adjustable holes: Could adjust according to request.
Big Shock set: It’s 16mm inner diameter, with better efficiencies of shock absorb. Using thin tread tire – Khaos Tire: It’s popular tread in the market, and it’s upgrade version, increase the durability.
Using bearing for Whole kit: Working smart.
Center gear 43T x Bevel gear 13T setting.
New Air filter design: Within Outer & Inner sponge setting. Outer one is wave sponge.
Rear Body mount, with buffer property: When striking happened, it could prevent body from crashed.
Fuel Tank: Special design, to keep the fuel offering stable, even car reversed, it could still offer the fuel to engine.


 DIMENSIONS: Length: 480mm Width: 310mm Wheelbase: 327mm (Adjustable) Weight: 3400g


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